DID YOU EVER TRY TO SHARE what you saw in my videos with others and COULDN’T?


Learn and retain the climate concepts presented in Just Have a Think. The Center for Behavior and Climate offers FREE short online courses to teach the main climate concepts in my videos. These Dive Deeper courses also go beyond my videos to help you learn additional scientific or conservation concepts.

Dive Deeper: Blue Carbon Standard: Gain a deeper understanding of climate impacts to the oceans, blue carbon, the science behind carbon dioxide fluxes between the atmosphere and the ocean, and conservation solutions. Register here.

Dive Deeper: Blue Carbon Advanced: How do scientists use satellite data to study the carbon cycle? How do our activities impact seagrass? And what role do countries play in the Paris Agreement? This advanced free course goes beyond the main concepts in the JHAT Blue Carbon video #93 to help you learn additional scientific or conservation concepts. Register here.

Dive Deeper: The Great Ocean Conveyor: Improve your understanding of surface and bottom ocean currents: how currents move by thermohaline circulation and the wind; the impact of climate change on the oceans; the connection between the oceans, climate change, weather, and the food web; and blue ocean events. Register here.

Dive Deeper: Arctic Disintegration: Why is Arctic sea ice melting and how does this impact our climate? What is a Blue Ocean event, the albedo effect, Arctic amplification, and permafrost? This minicourse teaches the main concepts in the JHAT Arctic Disintegration Video #120. Register here.

Dive Deeper: Regenerative Agriculture: How do farming practices reduce carbon emissions? What is the difference between modern conventional farming and regenerative agriculture? What are the principles of regenerative agriculture? What is the role of soil as a carbon sink? What are other food and land climate solutions? This minicourse teaches the main concepts in the JHAT Regenerative Agriculture video #130. Register here.

For Individual Learners: Build upon what you’ve just learned from my videos with a DiveDeeper short course and pass on what you’ve learned to others!

For Educators: Combine these courses with my videos for a class period (45-50 minutes) for secondary school students. The courses align with current U.S. Next Generation Science Standards.

Other courses available:
Behavior Change for Climate Action 101: This practical and entertaining course —the first of its kind for climate change—teaches behavior change principles for climate change mitigation through individual actions. The course is taught by Dr. Caroly Shumway, Director, Center for Behavior and Climate, and has been reviewed by the CBC Advisory Council. Register here.

Coming Soon! Behavior Change for Climate Action 102: Learn about how to scale up climate action by applying behavior change principles to organizations.

Lesson Plans for teachers are available here