Just Have a Think was set up by Dave Borlace in March 2018 to try to help him and others understand the issues that face our civilisation in the 21st Century and focus on the potential solutions that might help save lives and bring about a greater level of equality in the world. All very ‘worthy’, but extremely difficult to do!

What Just Have a Think is not is a debating forum about whether Human Induced Climate Change is a real phenomenon or not. The firmly held view of this website and the associated You Tube channel is that the science of Climate Change is settled.
If debate on the broad veracity of the science is really still what you’re after then we recommend you seek out relevant chat forums on the

various social media platforms, where people on both sides of the argument go round and round in circles achieving precisely nothing at all.

We think that is a mug’s game. And it’s not our game.
Outside of those caveats, despite the gravity of the subject matter, we try to keep it light and humorous wherever possible, so we hope you will enjoy the content.

Supporting the channel

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All of the research, preparation, filming, and editing is carried out by me, Dave Borlace.

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